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Why Minit money?

Minit Money was created by Africans, for Africans, to help them support their loved ones back home. We recognise the challenges life poses for people who have started a life in another country, and how important the emotional ties are back to the homeland, and to your people there.

Our goal is to provide a service through our Minit Money app that helps you easily get money home, in minutes.
Supported Countries
Payout Methods

Supported Corridors

With a Flat fee , meaning more money for you to send 








Ivory Coast

Local Send

Send a voucher to a friend locally in SA for groceries & more which they can redeem it at nearest Spaza Shop.

Payout Methods

You can send money directly to your beneficiary’s desired payout method based on the availability in their home country, cheaper and quicker. 

Convenient payment options,
Saving you time & money

Our payment partners follow the highest security standards to ensure your payments are safe and sound at all times with no extra charges.

Payment Options

Make a cash deposit at any
Nedbank branch/ ATM near your using your Reference Number.

You can make direct payments through any of these South African Bank Accounts:

Present your created voucher to the Cashier for payment at any of these stores:

Make a cash deposit at any
Nedbank branch/ ATM near your using your Reference Number.

You can make direct payments through any of these South African Bank Accounts:

In Store Cash Payment , Debit Card Payment or Direct EFT Payments

What our customers have to say

“I am glad to say that the Minit Money app makes it very easy to send money to Nigeria. It is fast, efficient and reliable and indeed stress free. I am very happy to recommend it with confidence and conviction. “

Adetunji Omotola

“Minit Money is an app that makes it easy for you to send money from your South African bank account to your loved one in Nigeria, it is easy and fast. Minit Money is changing my life.”

Faith Rasheed

“What a great experience for me with Minit Money. The professionalism is second to none, very reliable, efficient, fast, easy and friendly platform to use, with the level of professionalism put in practice without any iota of doubt, sky is just the starting up.”

Oleyami Adekunle

“I was looking for an affordable, easy and fast way of sending money back home to Nigeria. Minit Money is just what I found, you will be surprised how fast it is, after paying the cashier I did not even leave the shop when the person I sent money to called me and said he had received it. Very fast and efficient app, that’s Minit Money for you.”

Daniel Okon

Get Started!

  • 1. Sign Up

    Sign up with your mobile number and verify your profile using your passport, or South African identity card or document .

  • 2. Add Beneficiary

    Add a Beneficiary with their correct details and desired payout method

  • 3. Send

    Create a quote and fund it using the in store , cash deposit" or directly from your bank account option

  • 4. Beneficiary Paid

    The beneficiary will be able to access their funds in minutes

Frequently ask questions
  1. On your device open the App Store app. Browse or search “minit money” Tap or click the “Download “or “Install” button. If you see the “Open” button instead of “Install” button, you have already downloaded the app.

1.Enter Mobile Screen
Enter your mobile number, click “I Accept Terms and Conditions” checkbox and click “Verify”

2.Enter Details Screen
Select Country of ID. Enter your selected Identity Document number, click “Proceed”

Verification Screen
1. Select Country
2. Select Document Type

  • Supported Document Types
  • Driving Licence
  • Identity Card/ID
  • Voters ID
  • Passport

You are required to upload requested photos for the selected document type & a photo of your face to validate the verification process

3. Front photo of the document 
4. Back photo of document
5. A Selfie ( Photo of your face)
6. After the photos have been uploaded click “Verify”

Our verification system is automatic, and if the image quality is good enough, will verify your profile in 10 minutes. If the quality of the images is not good enough (glare, something missing, something obscured), then the verification fails and you need to send us your documents via WhatsApp for manual verification.

On Home Screen

  • Click “send money”

 On Add Recipient Screen

  • Select Country of Recipient
  • Enter correct recipients details
  • Click Save 
  • Recipient Saved

*On the Home Screen Swipe between Bank Acc & Mobile Money to view saved Recipients.

To help you understand minit money better visit our “Help Centre” to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use minit money

We are always trying to make your experience of our services simpler. Here are some “How to” videos to help you. How to sign up, How to verify & How send money in store.

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